Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Pre-review of Mark Noll's Latest Book

I'm taking a break from writing letters to philosophers today. If you have suggestions for who I might write to, please leave a comment. I'm trying to go in a chronological order and focus on those I've been told by those above who are important.

Mark Noll and "Jesus Christ and the Life of the Mind"
Currently I'm reading Mark Noll's most recent book, "Jesus Christ and the Life of the Mind." I believe those who were disenchanted with/by "Scandal of the Evangelical Mind" will be enchanted with this read. I haven't finished it, but so far the book is true to cover's description.

Noll tries to lay the beginnings of a path for evangelical scholarship based on the Bible and guided by the creeds. The first couple chapters are theoretical, and I haven't gotten into the chapters where he claims to lay out some practical guidelines. Noll has made a sign that evangelicalism has the potential for a strong intellectual backbone, but those who call themselves "evangelical" need to consciously work their scholarship through the lens of Christ. (Noll's thesis.) Hopefully, it doesn't remain just a sign.

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