Monday, September 30, 2013

A Thought on Phenomenology

I am taking Phenomenology and Existentialism this semester. I am gaining an understanding of early and mid-20th century philosophy. We have read Husserl, Ponty and now Arendt. They are timely because many theological developments occur during this time. (For instance, the beginning of the culture wars and theological splits in churches.)

I also am understanding why I find continental philosophy to be full of a lot of “huhs” and “duhs.” What I understand, I find to be plainly true and not controversial. What I don’t understand, there seems to be little ways to go about understanding it. What I disagree with, I find no argument to wrestle with. Perhaps it has to do with my background in analytical philosophy, but a professors word of wisdom on continental philosophy was helpful. "Continental philosophy is either nonsense or common."