Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Open Letters to Philosophers, Aristotle

Dear Aristotle,

I'm sorry Plato didn't let you be the head dude of his academy. I know that really stinks, but hey you got to tutor Alexander who sent you cool stuff form the east, and you started your own academy. Though, I hate to admit it, Plato's Academy is much cooler then yours. It was the form of which yours is based on.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I think it's awesome how you influenced Thomas Aquinas. Without him, and you, we wouldn't be a very clear religion. I don't mean to say that we are wholly clear, but I think it's clear what I'm trying to get across. Thanks for all those arguments for the existence of God. I'm sorry to say Kant hated them and now a bunch of guys think you're arguments are worthless. I think they have some merit. Stinks you couldn't argue from your arguments to Jesus being God though. Those are one of those "mysterious" things we Christians have. Bummer you lived a couple hundred years before him. Does that mean you're in hell? Let me know because I've been wondering about that people like you and Plato. By the way, there is a dude who wears cool glasses who claims people like you might be transferred from hell to heaven. He says it's because love wins, but that might mean all the guys who wanted to kill you at the end of your life would be in heaven too. Hopefully they wouldn't try to kill you there. Anyway that's just a small unimportant side note about where you might be right now.  

Man, I know you wanted to improve on Plato's forms, but sticking them in particular physical objects is really not as cool as saying they are out there somewhere, and we have to ascend to them by crawling out of a hole in the ground. Other then that, thanks for giving us science and dude your theory of causation rocks. I don't care what Hume says, the way you explain causation causes my world to rock!

One thing I really appreciate about you is your virtue. Not your personal virtues, but the virtue theory you put forward. If it wasn't for your virtue ethics man, I don't think I would still be in philosophy.  Eudaimonia is so important for our well-being man. You hit it on the spot there!

By the way, your political theory is very smooth, and it works better then Plato's, a bit more moderate you know. Please come back and help us out with this family thing. Yeah you said family is the core of society, but a lot of people don't think so anymore They think they can just divorce and society won't reap the consequences or anything. It's a big bummer. There are a bunch of loonies who think that we can just do whatever we want, and it won't effect anyone else, quite dumb. They call it the private sphere of life and distinguish it from the public sphere. Don't try wrapping your head around that distinction, it just doesn't make real sense.

You should know, we're still collecting specimens and analyzing stuff. Science has "progressed" quite a bit though it has lost its teleological foundation. I know, how can it progress then, that's what I've been wondering.

David Pulliam

p.s. It's okay you lived the last year of your life at your Mom's house. A lot of guys are doing that now.

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