Sunday, February 27, 2011

Why I Dislike Theology

For some time now I have had a dislike for "theology" for various reasons. I am referring to the discipline of theology, not the study of God. One of the reasons I dislike this discipline is that when I am dealing with an issue I sense a lack of freedom to think "outside the box" or the freedom to take a position that some don't agree with. A lot of this has to do with personalities found in the discipline.

There is good reason to guard the truth and to fight against false teaching. Though, this passion for the truth can lead to poor dialogue and unloving condemnation. A great example of this is the reaction toward Rob Bell's upcoming book.

I won't go into the details of how some leading pastors have responded to something they haven't read, but I find it distasteful and frustrating. (Partially because I do it a lot too.
I see this as an example of how theology can be: if you say something "wrong" or borderline heretical then someone with an axe to grind will come along and try to hack your head off. Occasionally, they're leaders in the church.

Since we are representing Christ to the world, we can't be waiting on our feet for someone like Rob Bell to say something that appears heretical and jump on them right away. Be patient, read the book, form an opinion stemming from the Bible and talk about it. Also, go give someone a hug, especially college students since we're really stressed.

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