Monday, February 7, 2011

Why History is Important in Public Education

People wonder what is the value of studying dates and names of dead people. Social studies is put on the back burner of most schools. From what I've heard, the Indiana State Congress will be putting much more emphasis on math and science on their new plans of reforming Indiana education. I find such policy to be a major mistake. And I don't say that just because I am becoming a history teacher.

My defense, of couse, will start with a bit of history. During the mid-20th century there were some scientists who helped Adolf Hitler carry out the mass slaughter of around seven million Jews. One being Dr. Eduard Wirths. He lead the carry out of experiments on humans, many being Jews, that included forced sterilization of women, infecting patients with cancer and other terrible forms of treatment.

You don't want a repeat of the holocaust so don't ever forget that it happened. Also, don't forget that it was educated scientists, politicians and military officials who carried it out. Simply teaching someone math and science will not make people of understanding how they can use their knowledge to benefit others.

You need history to create a moral sphere in people because it is in history that we can look at ourselves and those around us. From that picture, we can then build a home, a community and a nation. Without history, you'll be letting loss people with incredible knowledge but no direction.

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