Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Computer

Some of you may have heard from facebook about the state of my mac book pro. Here are the facts:

1. My computer is dying.
2. I'm pretty sure my logic board is dying.
3. I'm sure some of the wiring in my hard drive is corroded.
4. It's a long drive to Indianapolis.

So, should I got to Indianapolis and have an independent mac store look at it? (The Mac Experience, up by Castleton.)

In the case you suggest against this long drive and imply I should throw away my computer, what new mac should I get. Here are my needs:

1. microsoft office
2. iphoto, possibly something of better quality for photography later on
3. internet
4. music
5. ical.... lol
6. efficiency and speed

I've heard bad things about the mac book air, like you can snap it in half with your pinky fingers, thoughts?


  1. A MacBook would be just fine. It really depends on how big of a screen you want though.

    MacBook Air is nice and definitely very portable. Handle it right like you should any notebook computer and it'll be fine for you. They're just uber expensive and I don't feel the cost is worth it.

  2. Dude, I just got my logic board replaced for free, dunno if that's incentive to go to a mac store. I got it cleaned, fixed, and now it works...all for free.

  3. They originally said they were going to fix it but I think it was because of how much moisture got into the computer that also ruined some of my wiring in the hard drive.


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