Monday, May 23, 2011

Three Things I Wish I did in College

I had a great college experience. Because it was a human experience, there are things I wish I did Here are three things that I wish I did in college.

1. Divide my time more carefully and intentionally.
There were times in college were I dedicated too much time to being in the library, doing school and making sure my grades were up to par. On the other hand, there were times where I was lazy, didn't work hard and wasted my time. I wish I had balanced my time more carefully between doing school, spending time with people and having some "alone" time.

2. Invested deeply in one extracurricular activity with other people
I did a lot of different things like study abroad, the cycling club, ethics bowl and go hear different speakers, but I never invested a large amount of time in one organization or project during my time at Taylor that included other people. Looking back on it, I wish I had chosen a project my freshman or sophomore year that I was going to invest in large amounts of time that forced to me work with other people.

3. Explored More
I did a lot of exploring while I was Taylor but not enough. In way, I don't think you can do enough exploring while in college. There are different ways I could have explored more. One way to guide yourself in your exploration in college is to head in directions you're not comfortable with. See what it is like to be outside of your comfort zone. College is a great place to explore so take a class that you know nothing about and get to know people you'd probably never get to know. (This doesn't mean through out common sense or your conscience.)

I have had a great college experience, and have very few regrets. These are just some small things I think would have made my experience better. It doesn't mean everyone should do these things. Rather, they are just reflections on my past.

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