Monday, March 21, 2011

"Unbroken" and Reading on an IPad

I just finished reading the book called "unbroken"by Laura Hillenbrand. I enjoyed the book immensely and had an interesting experience reading it on an ipad. This blog post is also on an iPad and I have. Found very quickly that I don't like the keyless key pad. I find typing to be very hard but that may be because i have larger hands.

Unbroken in a true story about a World War II soldier who fought on a bomber in the pacific. His plane crashes, and along with three other survivors, he stays alive on a raft for many days. Eventually he is captured by the Japanese and put in an internment camp. I won't ruin the rest of the story, but it is truly an incredible about the grace of God through the worst conditions a person can live through. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys World War II history, stories of heroism and good writing.

Some have argued that reading on an ipad is not the same as reading a book. After doing so, I agree, it is different reading a book on an iPad. Some have also said that reading on a computer screen reduces comprehension. Since iPads are computers then reading comprehension is reduced by reading on an iPad. I can't say this is precisely true in my case since it was a different experience then reading a book on a computer screen.

To me it was like reading a book. I didn't have trouble following the story or forget what I had read, at least not more then i usually do. There were two consequences that I noticed. The first is that I found it harder to listen to my pastor's sermon after read for an extended time. It could have been because i found the sermon uninteresting, and i wasn't taking notes which is what i usually do, but it felt rather strange because i was trying fairly hard to keep up, but my brain felt different. Second, I notice that it took me a little more motivation to read another book I am working through. That may be because it's a more politically heavy reading,, but again there was something odd about it. I cant put it into words, but it was like looking at regular words didn't feel as enticing and exciting. With that said, don't try editing with an iPad, it takes forever and a day!

I think there are consequences for reasding on an iPad both good and. Bad. For me personally, I will probably end up with a kindle or an iPad some dash, but ceurrnelty I'm going to stick with books arnd paper.

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