Thursday, March 17, 2011

Don't Get Frustrated

Today I had my lab for Junior High and MIddle School. I go to a middle school and help a teacher with his/her classroom. Today was a rough day. I haven't been getting much sleep for the past couple weeks and tomorrow is the last day of classes before spring break. I wasn't going into the classroom 100%. The first hour was rough because the students tend to talk out of line and be disrespectful. There was one individual in particular that I let get on my nerves.

Being frustrated in the classroom is not a good situation. Your ability to act and talk rationally greatly decreases. When you're teaching, you're leading, and so if you aren't rational, you will lead poorly. Hence, it was a bad day. On reflection of this hard and long day, I looked at the clock as many times as most of the kids did, something I have learned is to not take anything personal that the students say or do. Also, never great frustrated. Usually taking things personally leads to becoming frustrated.

Something I learned today is to not take things personally. That way, I am less likely to get frustrated and be able to act and speak rationally.

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