Tuesday, December 7, 2010

-short post- Are you Bored?

I have an activity for you. Go to the library at a college somewhere. Walk through all the sections. First, count how many people are asleep. Second, watch many peer up at the slightest sound, like e caged animals right, dying for anything to distract them from the terrible reality they are in. Lastly, if you're a regular attendee to that library, notice how much quieter it is then usual.

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  1. Ha ha.
    Did you actually do this? :)

    It is really quiet, so quiet that every time I go to unzip my backpack, I feel like I'm desecrating a tomb or something. Even my typing sounds loud. Noise just feels kind of awkward in the library.

    Although, I'm pretty sure it's always been this quiet when I've been here.


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