Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hours of Work

Here are the approximate hours I spent on each class this semester:

History of Economic Thought: 99 hours
Senior Paper: 43 hours
Comparative Politics: 30 hours
American Politics: 16 hours
Writing for Teachers: 16 hours
U.S. History 12 hours
-I was the TA for this course.
Epistemology: 12 hours
-note: I audited this course.
Exceptional Children: 9 hours
Ethics Bowl: 3 hours
-note: I forgot to record most of my times I worked on this class.
Senior Seminar: 3 hours

Notice that these are approximate times since I sometimes would forget to record my times. Also, these do not count the time in class.

Merry Christmas, Go BUTLER!

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  1. You should become a lawyer. Lawyers must generally record their time like this.


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