Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Thought on Sleeves

The other day I was running in the sun, and I was wearing my t-shirt. Like all t-shirts, this one had sleeves. I suddenly realized a major problem with my t-shirt. Why on earth does it have sleeves?

When it is cold outside we often wear coats or long-sleeved shirts. Perhaps sweaters as well. When it is warm, we exchange or warm clothes for cool clothes. T-shirts are one of them. Yet these pieces of cloth that hang on to the body of our clothes appears unnecessary. Is it because of modestly? I wasn't aware that you might morally stumble because of the lack of covering over the region of the upper arm.

As I began to question my sleeves, I noticed that they lacked more then a purpose. They also are a nuisance. I was quite hot, and those sleeves held in heat. I thought we wore t-shirts for the purpose of keeping cool yet sleeves keep heat in! Not only are sleeves purposeless they inhibit our comfort.

Therefore, I propose we take scissors and snip off these pets from our cool clothes. Let us be free of the sleeves.

(I am not responsible for anyone irrationally cutting all their t-shirts nor am I responsible for people making poor wardrobe choices. Furthermore, I am currently wearing sleeves.)

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