Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Westlane Middle School - My School

Westlane Middle School is located in the Washington Township in Indianapolis. Two famous people went to school there. Most recently, it is now the location of my first placement for student teaching in the fall. My second place is at Marantha Christian School in Melbourne Australia. In this post I will providing an outline of the demographics of Westlane Middle School.

The school is 50% African American and 32% white. 8% are Hispanic and 7% are multiracial. Lastly, .8% are Pacific Islander. What I found interesting was that 49% of students had paid lunches and 11% of students have reduced lunches. This means that around 60% of the school come from a lower-socioeconomic background. (This is only an estimate.) 14% of students are in special education and 6% are non-English learners.

Sadly, the school has failed its AYP for the last three years. 65% of students passed the ISTEP but the school was supposed to have 90% pass. Given my experience at my present middle school placement, this will be a tough placement. Middle school students are a handful. I'm looking forward to the challenge.

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