Sunday, November 7, 2010

Announcement + A Response

Taylor University Ethics Bowl team, which I am proud to be a part of, has received first place at the regional competition located at Marion University in Indianapolis. This was out of twenty teams including, Depaul, University of Michigan, Butler University and IU. It was pretty cool to win. We're going to nationals which are March 3rd.

A Response
On another note, Alyssa Guebert proposed a dilemma to my last post. She explained how someone spilled something on the floor of the classroom. The blow dryers don't seem to be helpful in this case. Here is my response.

1. the elementary classroom in Reade does have paper towels. Alyssa's response to this proposition was that this accident occurred in another building. So I have come up with another suggestion.

2. Take a large number of pipes and link them together throughout the building leading up to the blow dryer machine and turn it on. The pipes should direct the spot which is in need of clean. Since this may not be feasible in some cases, I have provided a last ditch option.

3. Lick up the mess with your tongue. (Though I don't advise this last one since it is unsanitary.) In the least though, time will take care of the problem.

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