Thursday, September 16, 2010

Burning the Quran vs. Building a Mosque in Downtown Manhatten

Picture this: angry Muslims in the Middle East burning Americans flags. Angry Americans protesting in the streets of downtown NYC.

In reflecting on the past couple of weeks regarding the mosque controversy and Koran burning controversy, I find it interesting that both sides are angry enough to burn each others sacred stuff. Think of: guy burns the Koran in NYC. Muslims burning the American Flag.

There is a major difference between the American flag and the Koran. The former is only a couple hundred years in the making and has gone many changes. The latter is really old, is a religious text and some people are willing to kill others to protect it.

Yet, note the causal chain. A group of Muslims are trying to do something that happens offends many Americans (and they're acting in their Constitutional right.) An American is now offending ALL Muslims (and he's acting in his Constitutional right.) This has resulted in more Muslims offending Americans by burning our flag. When and where does it end?

I think that these three causally connected events have helped hurt the Western/Muslim relation. I also believe that it is going to get worse.


  1. Guess what? I found your blog :)

    ~Meg Camery

  2. I found it, too!

    Actually, I recently wrote a journal entry on this topic for one of my writing classes.


  3. David, Jesus said: "I do not come to bring peace, but a sword." Islam and Christianity can never be at peace with one another. Although I'm not sure that I agree with burning the Koran, the Christian man was taking a stance against evil. Something many christians and many westerners are not doing.

  4. Keaton, thank you for reading my post and posting a comment.

    I don't understand how burning a book takes a stance against evil. It simply makes people angry. To me, a stance against evil would mean going out and preaching the gospel. All he did was get the media to watch him, put American lives in jeopardy and create more tension between the West and Islam.


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