Thursday, July 15, 2010

Poop on Shoe

I took the dogs out this afternoon so that they could do their duty. While they were trotting around in the muggy weather, I noticed a leaf on the patio. This leaf had imprinted on it a small piece of dog feeces. On the pancake shape smelly stuff there was an word pressed in by someone's shoe.

My immediate thought was "poor guy who got poop on his shoe." As I looked closer I noticed that the poop word actually spelled "Chaco" on it and in a moment I realized a shoe had not stepped on this piece of poop but a sandal. I know only one person with Chacos who regularly walks through the yard and on the patio. "Oh well," I thought, "it is not the last or the first time my room has smelled like poop." My pity turned to indifference, and I called the dogs back into the house. I'm working my school again, work before smells I always say. Maybe I should check my sandels...


  1. That story reminds me of the days of Abby.

  2. Abby was much worse though. lol

  3. Wilber's poos get picked up around here. But that'll probably change when we have our own yard!


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