Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Inglourious Basterds (Warning: Spoiler)

A quick warning to those who have not seen the movie, "Inglourious Basterds," directed by Quentin Tarantino, this post contains a spoiler.

Part of the plot of "Inglorious Basterds" (IB) is to kill the key leaders of the Nazis Party just as the allies are landing in Normandy during World War II. American soldiers, are chosen to carry out the carnage. most of them are Jews and are already behind enemy lines purposely slaughtering Nazis soldiers and disfiguring them

It is hard to say that I enjoyed IB, but I certainly appreciated Tarantino's work. One part of the movie that bothered me is how hate is presented. It is upheld by "the good guys."

The movie does not portray the Nazis as haters. Colonel Hans Landa is shown to be a rather jolly fellow, maybe a bit off of his rocker. Fredrick Zoller is a flirt and a brave, dashing young man. Hitler is portrayed as an evil, angry man, but the haters are the good guys. Shosanna Dreyfus displays pain and hatred against the Nazis, understandably so. She was a Jew, her family was machine gunned down and The Nazis' pompous disposition toward her furthers this. Half the time she looks like she's about to spit in their time.

Not all of the "good guys" are full of hate. Colonel Raine is simply crazy. But the other inglorious basterds are. Watch how some of them kill and butcher the Germans. And these are the guys who you root for. You are disappointed at their death and cheer as they slaughter the bad guys.

Hatred is dangerous and manipulative. It takes away one's ability to function, to think and live the good life. If at all possible, you should avoid hating others because in the end, it will destroy you. It can be useful, scare your enemies and drive you to perform functions in a better way. Yet one with hate cannot achieve the good life. In the end, hatred leads to sadness, loneliness and a pitiful death. IB ends on a "funny note," the jolly Colonel receiving the mark of a Nazis and two good guys live to drive away in a vehicle. Everyone else dies. What a bummer that everyone does dies, a kid grows up without a father and Aldo Raine and Smithson Utivch no longer can unleash their hatred. The long-term effects of this hatred on the individuals who had it is saddening. Yeah sure WWII ends a year early and what not, but hatred was not necessary to set up the operation to kill the heads of the Nazis Party.

If I was in the position to end a war, but had to give up my life to end it (with my side winning of course), then I would in the least consider dying an worthwhile option and if their probably was not time to think, probably would automatically act so. Wouldn't anyone want to give themselves up to end such a terrible thing as war?

But there is no need for hatred. That is what bothered me about IB, that hatred was not seen as it really is, as a vice which stinks to have as a part of one's character.


  1. Interesting review. The director has a history of morally questionable themes.


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